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Pallet Storage/Shipment Services in Hull

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Nigel Rice Pallet Storage in Hull 


Every company has different requirements when storing pallets, and not every company has the facilities to store them at their own location. That is why we offer a range of pallet storage options at our facility in Hull. 


We work with individual organisations to help create a solution that is right for them. We do this by offering both long and short-term pallet storage options. This means that we can store pallets for months or can have them ready for next-day delivery. 


In addition, we understand that the amount of inventory that an organisation needs to store can massively vary; we are proud to have the resources and capabilities for single pallet consignment, all the way to full load, inventory management and logistics.


Our team of experts at Nigel Rice offer the following pallet storage services in Hull:

  • Container de-stuffing and handling of loose goods,
  • Rack and block stacked pallet storage,
  • Cross-docking for onward distribution, 
  • Order picking, packaging and delivering, 
  • Full inventory management. 


Nigel Rice Pallet Shipping in Hull 


Both before and after a product has been stored, it needs transporting; it needs transporting to the pallet storage facility and needs transporting from the pallet storage facility for delivery. 


Over the years, we have built our relationships with various haulage companies to be able to provide a reliable, cost-efficient national and international pallet shipment service from our base in Hull.


These years of expertise and development allow us to have:

  • 24/7 general road transport operations, 
  • Deliver efficiently across UK and Europe,
  • The capabilities to deliver hazardous and dangerous goods.


Learn more about our pallet storage and pallet shipment services in Hull.