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How Nigel Rice Ensures Safety & Compliance in Haulage Throughout East Yorkshire

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Within the haulage industry, ensuring safety and compliance is essential to protect your company, your drivers, the public and the environment. Failing to follow safety and compliance laws and legislation can lead to damage, accidents and fines. Here at Nigel Rice, we’re constantly ensuring we’re keeping up to date and following safety and compliance procedures to ensure the safe delivery of your goods throughout East Yorkshire and the UK, here’s how. 


Driver Training Programs 

At Nigel Rice, we’re committed to making sure our drivers are trained to the highest possible standard, this means providing them with the latest and most relevant driver training programs. Our drivers are trained and experienced in driving in different environments, defensive driving, loading and securing goods, delivering hazardous materials and all emergency situation procedures.

The team here at Nigel Rice don’t just prioritise the quick and safe delivery of your goods, we prioritise the safety of everyone involved throughout the whole process. 


Vehicle Maintenance and Inspections 

The next step we take to ensure safety and compliance through our haulage deliveries is the regular vehicle maintenance and inspections we carry out. Each one of our vehicles is maintained and serviced on a regular basis, including daily inspections of brakes, tyres, oils and electrical checks. 

Before each delivery, our drivers also carry out extensive checks and inspections to make sure pallets and goods are secured safely and adhere to load and weight limits put in place by regulatory bodies.


Documentation & Record Keeping

When delivering goods throughout the UK and Europe, particularly hazardous goods, proper documentation and record keeping is paramount. A Standard Shipping Note (SSN) is generally used when transporting non-hazardous goods and materials. However, when transporting hazardous goods, they must be accompanied by a Dangerous Goods Declaration. These documents contain absolutely all relevant information about the deliveries and must be filled out correctly and accordingly. 

To ensure you don’t get penalised when delivering your goods, we’re here to take the stress from your hands. 


Delivering Your Goods Throughout East Yorkshire With Nigel Rice

Ensuring safety and compliance regulations are constantly adhered to is one of the most important aspects of haulage. By not adhering to one of the many rules and regulations can have devastating effects of your company, employees, the public and the environment. When working with Nigel Rice, we take all of the stress from your hands and deal with everything from picking up, storing, transporting, and delivering your hazardous and non-hazardous goods to the final delivery. 

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