Pallet Network

Pallet networks are co-operative organisations made up of groups of professional hauliers working together as members, shareholders and licensees. They provide cost effective, expert nationwide next day delivery service for freight.

Nigel Rice Transport and Storage are proud to be a shareholder and member of Palletline PLC covering Hull and East Yorkshire. Palletline’s excellent customer service, unique quality control systems and strong sense of team work among its members, made it our ideal choice to become a part of.

With a new fleet of vehicles delivering locally around Hull and East Yorkshire, we are now available to collect from our customers at extremely short notice and deliver a next day delivery service nationwide.

Palletline is the UK's first and premier palletised freight distribution company. Launched in 1992, Palletline revolutionised the way pallets are transported. The innovative Palletline system dramatically increases speed and efficiency, while drastically reducing the cost of delivering pallets throughout the UK and Europe.

Individual Palletline members collect and deliver palletised freight in their own geographical area. This freight is consolidated in to loads destined for other parts of the country and Europe. These loads are then trunked to national hubs overnight for onward distribution and delivery.

What makes Palletline different?

Member Owned. Unlike other pallet networks Palletline is owned and operated by the members. This gives us greater influence over the service we can provide to our customers.

Quality Control. The central hub quality control ensures every pallet is inspected by trained members of staff. This highlights any potential problems before they occur. All pallets are photographed and quality checked in and out of the central hub.

Tailored Insurance. Due to the low levels of damage through the Palletline network members are able to provide their customers with higher levels of insurance at no extra cost.

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