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Groupage Services

Please get in touch using the details below:

01482 860068 sales@nigelrice.com

What is Groupage?

Groupage shipping consolidates a range of various goods, typically pallets and parcels, to create a single shipment which can be more cost-effective.

What are the Benefits of Groupage?

• Frequent transport available for groupage pallet shipments

• Reduced overall shipping costs for our customers

• We manage every stage with an efficient, fully traceable service

Which Goods Can You Transport?

As a specialist transport and distribution company in Hull, we hold numerous certifications allowing us to transport a range of goods. This includes hazardous chemicals, which we are able to deliver due to our membership with The Hazchem Network. Alongside groupage in Hull and across the UK and Europe, we offer additional haulage services including Palletline, pallet delivery, storage and import/export. No matter the size and type of freight, we can handle your delivery efficiently, reliably and safely. To enquire, please contact us on 01482 860068.