Delivering Hazardous Goods Throughout the UK with Nigel Rice, ADR Delivery Hull, Nigel Rice

Delivering Hazardous Goods Throughout the UK with Nigel Rice

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With over 60 years of haulage knowledge, the team here at Nigel Rice have consistently been a leading provider of ADR transportation in Hull, delivering throughout the UK. We have a wealth of knowledge of the ADR transportation industry and are able to offer a range of delivery methods to suit your requirements. 


What is ADR Delivery?

ADR transport is the Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. This agreement is held by most European countries and is designed to ensure that vehicles transport dangerous goods in the safest and secure way — protecting the driver, the environment and emergency services. 

When dangerous goods are being transported, there are many risks involved for all parties, making ADR extremely important. Given that there are so many risks involved, there are certain requirements put in place, including: 


  • The driver has relevant and up-to-date training 
  • All records of training are kept 
  • Legal exercises must be adhered to
  • Specific measures must be put in place to reduce, avoid or control damage/industry 
  • Transport documents must contain all relevant information and classifications
  • Local authorities and emergency services must be informed if there is an immediate risk to the public. 


Examples of Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods come in all shapes and sizes and are all around us, you may not even know that some things are considered as dangerous! The dangerous goods classification list covers: 


  • Gases
  • Flammable liquids and solids 
  • Oxidising substances 
  • Radioactive material
  • Corrosive substances 


An example of a dangerous good that surrounds us is lithium batteries. Used in everything from mobile phones to electric cars, transporting lithium batteries is an important task for modern living. However, due to their potential risk of overheating, catching fire and even exploding, transporting the batteries is considered dangerous. To combat the dangers, the batteries must be correctly packaged and labelled and up to industry standards to prevent short-circuits and leaks. The driver must also be correctly trained on how to handle the goods as well as all of the other requirements being met. 


How Nigel Rice Can Help

For years, the trained drivers here at Nigel Rice have been transporting dangerous and hazardous goods throughout the country. We hold all of the correct and relevant certifications to get your goods from A to B in the safest manner. Delivering hazardous goods is a complex job that needs to be 100% correct, getting it wrong can have devastating effects. 

Working closely with the Hazchem Network, we’re able to offer an unparalleled ADR transportation service, contact us today to discuss your requirements.